Friday, June 27, 2014

I have arrived!

Travel to London began Thursday afternoon with a flight to Chicago. We flew over Niagara Falls to get there!

Niagara Falls
At 6 am, I landed in Heathrow. I was able to sleep most of the plane ride across the pond (as much sleep as one can get when waking each time I need to move or when my layers of clothing/blankets shift to expose my skin to the chilly air). Nonetheless, I arrived exhausted.

I was in the first group to arrive as part of the British Studies Program through the University of Southern Mississippi--and I was actually the very first person to reach our greeters after going through customs and picking up the luggage!

We had our first experience with London traffic--it took about an hour by coach to reach the apartments from the airport. It did give us a chance to identify some unique things about the culture. Motorcyclists and bicyclists drive among the cars, weaving between the lanes and squeezing in wherever they find room. Many people own this very strange-looking bike with tiny wheels. Then, I saw someone folding the bike into a small square and carrying it into an office! What a wonderful invention for a crowded city!
Fold-up bike